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All Other Discounts

Many of you visiting us here are not that familiar with Mark Douglas or myself, because you may be new to trading. You may think that what you see on the Internet about us – is all there is. What you may have found pirated is only a very small part of our work and who we are. Mark was a very private man, and I am also private because our personal lives have nothing to do with you learning how to become a better trader. I say that because we are always very careful never to suggest personal spiritual beliefs to anyone because that would not be appropriate. So other than our work creating the field of Trading Psychology, we do not discuss our personal opinions.

Mark and I have always offered discounts to the following list, and I will continue to do so forward because I am proud to be American and a citizen of this great country. If you choose to make our giving First Responders a discount into a political statement, that is your prerogative. However, if you choose to do so, we suggest you seek advice on trading psychology elsewhere. Thank you!

20% discount to all First Responders including:

EMT & Paramedic

Fire Department

Law Enforcement