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Social Media & Podcasts *SEPTEMBER 2021 UPDATE*

Paula T  would love to hear from you with regard to your most pressing questions about trading! This will be a great advantage for you to hear your specific questions discussed in her weekly podcasts. Please send your questions through the Contact Page so she can answer them for you.

We are working diligently to get you the best materials to assist you with your trading goals through social media as well as our other services such as coaching and workshops!  Currently we are in production with video content, as well as creating a weekly podcast and are excited to bring this to traders soon.

We envision these new venues to be posted soon, so keep checking in with us via e-mail or telephone for updates.  Feel free to contact Paula T for more information, including if you would like a review of your product or services, become one of our Sponsors, or possibly be interviewed on one of her podcasts!

Call her office at (442) 268-5480 Pacific time zone, with any questions on this.