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“You are my mentor.”

George M.

Palm Springs, CA

“I didn’t know my past financial losses were affecting my current perspective. That has changed with your coaching and exercises. Many thanks!”

Jose G.

Brooklyn, NY

“Didn’t know I was in information “overload” until you pointed that out. I have since stopped watching the news-feeds during trading hours.”

M. Cohen

Las Vegas, NV

“Thank you for being blunt. I had convinced myself I knew everything already based on my previous business success. I was wrong – I didn’t know it all. I am now on a much more clear path to achieving my goals.”

David F.

Part-time day-trader, U.K.

“You were right on target when you said I was allowing multi-tasking to steer me away from my focus…”

Vic S.

Forex Trader, Chicago, IL

"Dear Paula, in short: I adore your work! To whomever wants to hear it (or not ;-)...), I declare Mark Douglas' book "The Disciplined Trader" and your series "The Complete Trader" to be the "First-Must-Read-Literature" BEFORE starting with the trading business. I am very much looking forward to meeting you soon."


Day Trader, Switzerland

"I had a wonderful time with your book. I love the way you weave your teachings within stories. Even for an old pro like me who has read, studied, and therapy'd my way through some magnificent relationships - there were insights, learnings and realizations. Thank you for taking the time and making the effort to be what you teach. And thank you for writing some of your wisdom in this book."


Terry McBride

Motivational Speaker & Author of "The Hell I Can't"

"For those of you who enjoy meditation, using visualizations, this meditation is superb - the content and soothing sounds will be a positive influence for not only traders but for anyone. I find it particularly beneficial after a stressful day of trading."

Larry Pesavento

Trader & Author of "Trade What You See”

"The consulting time we have spent together over these past months so far has been immeasurable. Making the transition into trading full-time has been my dream for a number of years now, and thanks to your coaching, I believe I will accomplish this."

Michael D.

Forex/Stock Trader, Australia

"Paula, thank you so much for the "Meditation for Traders" CD - it is very well done, and the background music is very nice. Your guidance is clear and effective, and I am enjoying it often!"


Day Trader, Colorado

"The content on your Meditation CD is really good! It will definitely help us become better traders. Thank you."

Gregor & Petra

Day Traders, Slovenia

"Paula, thank you so much for the "Meditation for Traders" CD - it is very well done, and the background music is very nice. Your guidance is clear and effective, and I am enjoying it often!"


Day Trader, Colorado

"Paula initially came to my house for a Feng Shui session for my son's room. She offered great suggestions, and with just moving some of the furniture, one can of paint for an accent wall, and some fabric for throw pillows, we're successful in the transformation! However, the best part of her visit was when she walked into my home trading office (which I spend too many hours in), and made more suggestions. Her ideas empowered me to treat myself to making my space special."


Educator, Arizona

"I was finding my ability to trade effectively at my home office slipping, and contacted Paula for a Feng Shui session, although I had no idea what she could do. She assessed the strengths and weaknesses of my work space, rearranged the furniture in a way that allowed more flow and light into the room. She also suggested I repaint the wall behind my computer and monitors - the dark color was actually draining my energy! With a lighter wall color and the new arrangement of my furniture, I find myself actually comfortable at my desk and am now more productive for my clients. Thanks!"


Management Consultant, Arizona

"Your voice on your CD products 'clicks' for me, thank you."


Day Trader, Russia

"I received the CDs today, and have really enjoyed the Meditation CD after listening to it several times already. Thanks for your help."


Trader, U.K.

"You and Mark reached out to me when I first moved to Phoenix, simply because I was recommended by your guest, Rick Prigmore. Over the years I was invited to many Happy Gatherings at your home - with Mark, the master grill-man and coffee perfectionist, you the awesome chef, together making many beautiful memories. You have the gift of gathering people with great ease and making everyone comfortable and happy. Both you and Mark made my life so much better by being there for me...always my heart mates!"

Deanna Councill