Coaching & Workshops

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Please note:  All workshops and consulting services require the Confidentiality/Non-Disclosure Agreement prior to scheduling.  See the Agreement Page for details.

One-on-one Coaching

Paula T's "one-on-one" coaching is a good fit for anyone seeking a higher financial future, no matter what level of experience! She has been coaching traders since 1991 and has worked extensively, traveling around the word assisting traders of all levels to improve and maintain their equity curve. If you are looking for expertise in creating, maintaining, and expanding your trading mindset to learn how to streamline your focus to achieve your financial goals then contact her office.

Paula T understands that sometimes one or two coaching session may not be enough. Quite a few traders hire personal mentors who help them maintain their focus and stay on track, and Paula T is one of the first to do so, decades ago, and set the bar for all others. Whether you are looking for three sessions, six sessions, unlimited monthly access (meaning no appointment needed), a one-time session, or regular check-ins, there is a program or package that will fit your wants and desires.  And for repeat clients, please call her office for your special discount.

Coaching Program Details

Silver: After taking advantage of the FREE 15-Minute Chat - you may feel you want a 1-hour session to help you regain your focus! Call or e-mail Paula T’s office to set up a mutual date and time, and she will help you achieve this goal.   Rate:  $750.00 unless you are a returning client

 Premium: Setting up a series of 1-hour sessions, beginning with 3 (three) 1-hour sessions and more depending on what you may choose.  Each session is 1-hour in length, and within 24 hours after each session you are provided follow-up essay exercises via e-mail to begin work on. All exercises are person-specific, meaning they are not ‘cookie-cutter’ generalized exercises. The exercises are geared toward what you share in your session with Paula T. The coaching she provides is about ‘you’ and therefore no two sets of exercises are alike – just like no two traders are alike within their perception of the markets.   Rate:  Begins at $1,800.00 for 3 sessions and up

Requirement: If you choose to schedule a package of sessions, each session will have to be held on the same day of the week and the same time – whether once a week, bi-weekly, monthly, and so forth.  Meaning, you choose the frequency of the sessions, while maintaining the same day and time of week.  This is to keep you on track and on schedule to achieve your trading goals.

 Platinum:  “In The Moment” (ITM) unlimited monthly access facilitated via telephone, SKYPE, Zoom, with no prior appointment necessary – in other words, spontaneous and “in the moment.”  This is for those traders who may be experiencing a high-level of difficulty or stress and need to reach out for mentoring immediately.  The program is a flat-rate monthly retainer good for 30 days with no limit on calls.  Rate:  $5,000.00

Requirement: When you choose the Premium Package, it must be used within the 30-day period.

Not sure what services to choose?  Click here to contact Paula T with questions.

Or call today for your FREE 30-minute chat at (760) 636-4290 (Pacific Time zone) to experience a snapshot of trading psychology at its best!


Please note:  All workshops and consulting services require a signed non-disclosure agreement prior to any services performed.  See the Agreement Page for details.

Currently, we are offering workshops as a personal, one-on-one experience.  Meaning, our normal 2-day and 2-1/2 day workshops are currently being scheduled, but limited to one trader or up to only five traders at a time to ensure social distancing.  Our workshops are only presented live, not over the Internet now and forward, due to increased piracy.  Paula T can present the workshops at your office or workspace, or in Palm Springs where her office is currently located.  Rate:  $5,000.00

The “Super Trader” workshop includes:

  • Understand how you need to think like a trader before you can think like a winning trader
  • Why trading is challenging, especially during current or unique world events
  • How our wealth beliefs are created and sustained by the energy we give them
  • What is truth versus negative energy, outdated programming, identifying conflicting beliefs
  • Learn how to identify the difference to see and act accordingly with true market opportunity
  • De-energizing limiting beliefs you don’t know you have, to create more productive beliefs
  • Learning to trade like an Elite or Super Trader means you have to instill “The Super Success Mindset”
  • Creating your mental, spiritual, and physical atmosphere of success
  • Creating trading affirmations that work for you
  • Defining your career as a trader – what that means to you
  • And more!

If you are interested in having an intensive workshop experience and getting the edge over other traders, please contact Paula T for more information!

Other Related Programs

Trade Together with PAULA T

So, you’d like to Trade Together? That’s great!  Paula T loves to trade with other traders to assist them in staying focused and confident so they can achieve their trading goals.  Setting this up is easy.  After scheduling, you and Paula T will spend at least one day together (whether live or through computer sharing) for Paula T to watch you trade and listen as you explain your methodology. When she is satisfied that she understands your trading methods, then you will trade together for at least one day or more. The length of time spent trading together is up to you to decide. If you would like a personal one-on-one trading experience, Paula T is available to trade with you for one day or more however long you may desire.  Rate:  Begins at $1,000.00

Requirement: Novice and experienced traders alike.

Click here to contact us about scheduling and for more details.

Creating Trading Prosperity

Based on Paula T’s best-selling book “Independent Prosperity” this course is geared toward traders who have challenges about making more money than they have previously; in other words, they have hit the glass ‘profit’ ceiling. This course addresses any outdated programming regarding what you were taught about money and how that limits you today. This course is facilitated through three (3) 1-hour coaching sessions.  Rate:  $1,200.00

Requirement: Coaching sessions are done via telephone with accompanying exercises sent by e-mail within 24 hours after each session.  All exercises sent after each session must be completed before moving on to the next session.

Click here to contact us about scheduling and for more details.

Living with a Trader 101 – with “Paula T”

One thing I cannot stress enough is that trading is a unique and individual life path.  I call it a “life path” because once you step into the game of trading - and I say “you” because you are now included in this life path simply by the mere fact that you are in a relationship with a trader - everything else may seem to pale in comparison.  Further, the trading can and more than likely will take over every waking moment of your trader’s life at least initially, and ultimately yours as well.  Things such as family, vacations, entertainment…and other goals set before getting into trading, all of that may take a back seat in the trader’s mental environment while they learn the intricacies of trading, and just as important, as they learn how to balance this new work environment with the rest of their everyday life, if they ever do.

As the partner, spouse, S.O., or companion to a trader, this is something that you need to be aware of as well.  Trading is a very consuming career, and it takes a strong individual as well as their partner, such as yourself, to understand that there should be some grounding, some balance between the trading hours of the day, and the “rest” of life.  As partner to your trader, it may be up to you to gently lead your partner or keep the focus, in your life together and maintain a level head when your trader may not be able to do so himself.

In terms of relationship management, the stakes are higher and more emotional, as unlike any other career, in the trading environment, the loss of equity can be quite high, and happen quite quickly.  So, keep in mind you may have to be the one who is calm, cool, and collected for a lengthy period of time, for your trader.  This course is designed to assist you in understanding market terminology, the mindset that your trader needs to have and maintain, and de-energize any fears you may have.   Rate:  $750.00 

Requirement:  This package includes a set of 2 (two) 1-hour coaching sessions with accompanying exercises sent by e-mail within 24 hours after each session.

Click here to contact our office for scheduling and for more details.


Still not sure what services to choose? 

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Or call today for your FREE 30-minute chat at (760) 636-4290 (Pacific Time zone) to experience a snapshot of trading psychology at its best!