One-On-One Coaching

Paula T's "one-on-one" coaching is a good fit for anyone seeking a higher financial future, no matter what level of experience! She has been coaching traders since 1991 and has worked extensively traveling around the word assisting traders of all levels to improve their equity curve. If you are looking for expertise in creating, maintaining, and expanding your trading mindset to learn how to streamline your focus to achieve your financial goals then contact her office.

Paula T understands that sometimes one or two coaching session may not be enough. Quite a few traders hire personal mentors who help them maintain their focus and stay on track, and Paula T is one of the first to do so decades ago. Whether you are looking for three sessions, six sessions, unlimited monthly access (meaning no appointment needed), a one-time session, or regular check-ins, there is a program or package that will fit your wants and desires. For repeat clients, please contact our office for your special discount.


Current Programs

Platinum: Unlimited Monthly Access facilitated via telephone, e-mail, SKYPE, Zoom, etc. with no prior appointment necessary. This is a flat-rate monthly retainer good for 30 days. Requirement: If you choose the Premium Package, it must be used within the 30-day period.

Premium: Setting up a series of 1-hour sessions, beginning with 3 hourly sessions and on up. Each session is one hour in length and 24 hours after each session you are provided with follow-up exercises to begin work on via e-mail. All exercises are person-specific, meaning they are not ‘cookie-cutter’ generalized exercises. The exercises are geared toward what you share in your session with Paula T. The coaching she provides is about ‘you’ and therefore no two sets of exercises are alike – just like no two traders are alike within their perception of the markets. Requirement: If you choose to create a package of sessions, each session will have to be held on the same day of the week and the same time – whether once a week, bi-weekly, monthly, and so forth. This is to keep you on track and on schedule to achieve your trading goals.

Silver: You may feel you only need a 1-hour session to help you regain your focus! Simply call or e-mail our office to set up a mutual date and time, and we will help you achieve this goal. Requirement: If you are unwilling to do the exercises created specifically for you after any session, please note that you will be unable to have any subsequent session with Paula T.

Not sure what package to choose? Click here to contact us about scheduling your unique coaching package. Or call today for your FREE 30-minute chat at 442-268-5480 (Pacific Time zone) to experience a snapshot of trading psychology at its best!



Trade Together with Paula T

So you want to Trade Together? That’s great! Paula T loves to trade with other traders to assist them in staying focused and confident so they can achieve their trading goals. It is easy to set up. You will spend at least one day together (through computer sharing) for Paula T to watch you trade and listen as you explain your methodology. When she is satisfied that she understands your trading methods, then you will begin to trade together for at least one day or more. That is up to you to decide. If you would like a personal one-on-one trading experience, Paula T is available to trade with you daily or weekly or however long you may desire. Requirement: Novice and experienced traders alike.

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Success Without Fear

Based on Paula T’s popular book of the same title, this course is geared toward traders who have specific challenges about fear. Everyone is afraid at times in life, so having fear is a natural reaction to something you do not like, don’t understand, or don’t want or don’t want to do. This course addresses the core belief or set of beliefs surrounding the fear or fears in a safe environment – meaning no judgment. Once you have identified your fear(s), and accepted they are a part of your current mindset, you can begin to de-energize that fear or those fears by dismantling them knowing they are outdated and no longer relevant to what you want to achieve with your trading for today, and tomorrow. Requirement: Coaching sessions are done via telephone with accompanying exercises sent by e-mail within 24 hours after each session; the workshop is only available as a LIVE event.

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Creating Trading Prosperity

Based on Paula T’s best-selling book “Independent Prosperity” this course is geared toward traders who have challenges about making more money than they have previously; in other words you have hit the glass profit ceiling. This course addresses any outdated programming regarding what you were taught about money and how that limits you today. This course can be attended through a specific number of coaching sessions, or through a one-on-one workshop. Requirement: Coaching sessions are done via telephone with accompanying exercises sent by e-mail within 24 hours after each session; the workshop is only available as a LIVE event.

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Meditation for Traders

Most traders know that having a serene state of mind is one of the dynamic elements to creating and growing equity. Mark Douglas and Paula T have used (and continue to use) meditation and visualization since the 1980s, long before it became a popular buzzword with many people claiming knowledge of this ancient philosophy. But do you really know how to ‘meditate?’ What is the difference between meditating and visualizing? Or is there a difference? Many traders think they know how to meditate, but in reality, they sit quietly or lay down thinking they are meditating or visualizing but are only thinking or saying out loud demands or pleas to God or Higher Power, that if their trades work out profitably, they promise to be a better human being. This is not meditating nor is it visualization. That is wishing & hoping & pleading which only leads to sustained failure.

This is a course designed to assist you in knowing how to meditate – for your trading. Meditating and visualizing for and as a trader is unique and different from all other areas. This is a 2-hour course done via telephone.

Requirement: Having an open mind to be honest with yourself to learn how to listen to what your mind and soul are trying to say to you, to achieve your financial goals.

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Prosperous Feng Shui for Traders

This ancient practice of the “Art of Placement” is something that all executives know and use. Every single millionaire has office space that is pleasing to them and suitable for their personality to work in no matter how many hours they want or need to spend in that work space, to remain focused and productive. Paula T has been improving the offices of traders using this ancient practice for over 25 years.

All consistent, successful traders know that trading in the best work environment is key to their becoming and maintaining consistent. If you are trading from a space that is not 100% likable to you or it doesn’t have the amount of positive energy you want or need, then your trading results will reflect that – they will not be increasing and certainly not by 100%. If you refer to, or think about, your trading space as anything but a highly positive office space to make increasing amounts of money in on a consistent basis, then you need this course. This practice does not necessarily involve spending any money of replacing your current office furniture. Requirement: An open mind to embrace this Eastern philosophy to create your most dynamic trading office; additional reading materials will be suggested for you to read.

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