Institute of Trading Psychology by Paula T

“Too often we enjoy the comfort of opinion without the discomfort of thought.”

John F. Kennedy

“When there is complacency, there is no reason to grow or change or improve. At that juncture, you lose the ability to achieve because you are no longer thinking for yourself, you are merely a follower of someone else’s ideas, and you will always lose.”©

Paula T. Webb, PhD

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Industry Guru

Mark Douglas and Paula T’s first book, The Disciplined Trader™, was the first-ever book published in the late 1980s to bring to light the critical components missing from almost all traders’ mental approach at that time, to create and sustain a rising equity curve – learning how to think, for themselves. Following the worldwide success of that book, they continue that unique journey with the breakaway Trading in the Zone™ also a best-seller worldwide, then Independent ProsperitySuccess without FearThe Complete Trader, including their ever-popular cookbook, and more, including new upcoming books! Recognized around the globe as “gurus” in the field they co-created, their work is such that few can compare to much less copy.

You might ask how can Paula T make that claim because she continues to provide you with innovative, unconventional, and time-tested strategies for over 25 years that work for any current market conditions combined with daily uncertain global events.

In what ways? By teaching you that the specific mental dynamics of goal achievement and success are within your reach if you believe in yourself and your abilities to achieve your trading goals by applying her “new age” mental approach of trading psychology.

Utilizing original, proven, practical applications and programs geared toward the global markets of today, you will learn what "needs to be done" and learn how easy it can be to achieve your goals – if you believe it! And if you aren’t sure if you believe it, we show you how to give yourself permission to believe. We show you how to dare to prosper as a trader to become the Power Trader you know you can be.

The Winning Mindset for Power Trading

Paula T is the first person to successfully discuss trading psychology during market hours with her live “Elite Traders” chat room she hosted for decades when no one else would take that gamble because they did not have the expertise or knowledge themselves. In this capacity, she assisted traders in live market conditions, addressing their fears, errors, and triumphs for on-the-spot positive equity results.

She concentrates this expertise in her “new age” vanguard approach to trading psychology by helping traders understand the need for self-reflection and the right action to improve their bottom line.

Traders today are constantly bombarded with countless websites by so-called experts claiming one thing or another – so how does a trader know what it is real? For over 25 years, Paula T has taught traders across the world how to discern what information is just a pretext and what information is true and useful for their trading. The only way to learn what is real in this industry is when you learn how to think for yourself and stop following any pretext or, shall we say, noise by those whose only specialty may be to make great claims, possibly without substance.

Her Approach

Every trader has the desire to succeed – and Paula T is here to guide you to your success. Taking all of this and more, each trader will be taken along a journey of self-realization to reach their highest trading goals through any or all of these dynamics:

  • Taking advantage of the FREE Call
  • Determining what your current challenges are
  • Assisting you in deciding what is most important to change
  • Focusing on your Business Plan for your trading
  • Learning how to set trading goals and follow through
  • Understanding the need to earmark your profits – in other words, Money Management
  • Putting together a schematic for Time Management to effectively focus during market hours
  • Giving yourself permission to succeed at trading, even when others around you (or even you) don’t believe in your ability to do so
  • And much more!

Why Paula T. Webb?

Paula T has spent her entire career in this industry, understanding what makes traders tick. While working at the MidAmerica Commodity Exchange in the mid-1980s managing the Floor Operations, she met quite a few floor traders, some of whom were only trading the mini-contracts, and some who offset those min-contracts with full-size contracts at the CBOT and CME. Over the course of the next several years, she was taught by some of the best about their trading systems and their daily approach to trading. All of this first-hand knowledge came into good use when she began trading herself. She watched, listened, learned, and turned that information into an understanding that if any trader wants to succeed, they must first believe they can – no matter what is going on around them, personally, professionally, or globally. When she met Mark Douglas in 1984, they realized their two perspectives – hers as a floor trader and his as a retail broker, were necessary to combine their expertise into the materials (and later books/workshops) they created, which is now known as Trading Psychology.

She currently is an investment trader and a coach for traders; she hosts live workshops and webinars and continues to publish new materials, some of which is co-written with Mark Douglas. She can be found on Twitter and other social media through regular podcasts and is a guest speaker on’s Tiger TVTrading AscensionNinjacatorsHarmonic Trader, and others, all of which offer insights for traders of all levels of experience on how to find, and stay in their trading zone.

Trading psychology is the specialized field of mental thought processes put into practice for and by any trader, whether novice or experienced, who wants to create and sustain a rising equity curve. If you have questions about what trading psychology is – more so what the “new age” of trading psychology is about and how it will unquestionably improve your trading results, then you have come to the “source” where it all began and are in the right place!

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Professorships, Published Articles, Media

  • Trading & Ascension (Podcasts)
  • Mitch Ray & Scott Carney (YouTube)
  • (Podcasts)
  • Tiger TV on with Larry Pesavento (ongoing)
  • (private investors)
  • Traders Magazine
  • Herald Magazine (Canada)
  • TORO Financials (Brazil)
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  • Elite Traders Chat Room
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  • Southwest Institute of Healing Arts (Phoenix)
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  • CompuTrac (U.S. and International)
  • Dow Jones Telerate Conferences (U.S. and International)
  • Fibonacci Trader
  • MTA (U.S. and Canada)
  • The Money Show (Chicago, Las Vegas)
  • AMI

Professional Associations

Honors and Education

  • Bachelor of Divinity, Lola Mays Seminary – 2001
    o Awarded Masters in Counseling – 2005
    o Awarded Doctorate in Philosophy – 2007
  • Graduate of the RSO Chaplain Academy - 2021
  • Awarded Certificate of Completion Palm Springs Community Police Academy - 2017
  • Awarded Silver and Bronze medals by Arizona State University essay competitions - 2011 and 2014
  • Awarded Gold, Silver, and Bronze medals in the Grand Canyon State Games U.S. Track & Field events – 2004 to 2011
  • Awarded “Bull & Bear” Juried Awards for The Disciplined Trader and Trading in the Zone
  • Awarded the “Golden Rule” Certificate by the State of Arizona for exemplifying ethics in the workplace – 2003 & 2010
  • Awarded the United States Presidential Achievement Award for services to the community - 1988 and 1992