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Wealth Index Survey

What is your “P.W.I.” – Personal Wealth Index?

In the survey below, you will learn how prosperous and wealth-oriented (or not) you currently think. This is a key element to understanding the thought processes you currently have instilled in your mental environment that may be limiting your ability to grow your equity to any degree of wealth you desire. Answer the questions honestly and completely, so you can move forward with de-energizing and letting go of outdated programming.

Excerpt from my book Independent Prosperity:

“People who are wealthy, truly wealthy, as well as those in management, meaning those who are in a higher position than most workers in any field of endeavor in the workplace (including trading), think differently than everyone else. This is the fact that we can find throughout history. Let’s think about this. If wealthy people thought about success, money, prosperity, and accumulation the same as the average person, how would they or could they become so wealthy and successful… since the average person is not?

Truly wealthy people feel they are, and let’s be honest here – in reality, are a different type of person by the mere fact that they think differently, i.e., prosperously, confidently, without reservation or hesitation – and thus, may treat those working for them with just enough subtle differences to keep a discreet separation, a distance critical to good management strategy, but just as importantly, a subtle reminder to everyone else that they are, indeed, different from them.” ©

Considering most everyone entering into trading these days has a history of working for others, or someone else, they would have programming to some degree – whether long- or short-term, that CEOs, management, or anyone in authority over them, is ‘better’ or ‘smarter’ than they are, simply based on their work relationship with those in charge. No matter how nice management may be, they are in that position to make money for the company, not to be anyone’s friend. And they are in that position of authority because they understand that all business organizations are in business to make money. Period. And as a trader, you also have to acquire that same mindset. Trading IS a business. And you became a trader to MAKE MONEY. More money than you ever have previously; don’t kid yourself about this. Because if you don’t believe this you will create and maintain a mindset of the “boom & busters.”

Now to get started with your Personal Wealth Index survey, which is unique to you and your goals, let’s get started with some questions and examples with phrases you believe or have heard and agree with.

  • I believe that too much money is bad.
    Agree _____  Disagree _____
  • Money doesn’t grow on trees, so I shouldn’t be carefree about spending my money by taking any profit out of my trading account.
    Agree _____  Disagree _____
  • I don’t really feel I deserve to be wealthy.
    Agree _____  Disagree _____
  • You have to work very hard for many years to make a lot of money.
    Agree _____  Disagree _____
  • I will never be rich or wealthy, so I should settle for what I have right now.
    Agree _____  Disagree _____
  • Deep down inside, I don’t really believe I can have it all.
    Agree _____  Disagree _____
  • I could be doing worse, so wanting more is wrong.
    Agree _____  Disagree _____
  • It would be greedy to want more money than I currently make.
    Agree _____  Disagree _____
  • Money is the root of all evil.
    Agree _____  Disagree _____
  • I’ll never have enough money to do all the things I dream of.
    Agree _____  Disagree _____
  • Rich people don’t get into Heaven.
    Agree _____  Disagree _____

Now, once you have answered the above questions, ask yourself – where did these beliefs come from? Think back to where you may have heard this programming and when and from whom. No child is born with a belief that they can’t have it all. No child is born with a belief that money is bad. We are all born with no beliefs at all, no ideas about wealth, or beauty, or race, or religion, and so forth. All of our beliefs about money, success, achievement are taught to us by others. Today, it is up to us to recognize those ideas which are limiting our forward financial growth, and adopt more productive ideas and put them to good use.

Think about this. Let’s take examples from some of the wealthiest people. Do you think Pope John Paul II went to Heaven? Do you think John Astor, who died on the Titanic, went to Heaven? Do you think Joel Osteen – who pulls in $6.1M every weekend, is going to Heaven? What about Warren Buffett? Or the Dalai Lama? Or rock stars? Professional athletes? Seriously! Start thinking about this. If you believe making a lot of money means you are not a good, or spiritual person, then how can you think you can accumulate as a trader when the opportunity to make large amounts of money is possible every single day?

If you have answered “agree” to any of the questions, then you must acquire the motivation to change your thinking! Motivate yourself to believe in yourself! Find the impetus to go after what you want – and not settle for what others have made you believe about yourself.

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