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Trading Pandemics Survey


  1. Did you have a good or better year trading in 2020?
    1. Being honest with yourself, if your answer is yes, you don’t need to finish the survey
  1. If you did not do well, or as well as you wanted in 2020, what percentage are you down from 2019?
    1. How does that make you feel?
      1. Be specific.
  1. Why do you think your profit/equity is down from 2019?
    1. Be specific.
  1. Did you see opportunities in 2020 that you did not take advantage of?
    1. If so, why do you think you didn’t take profit as you did in 2019?
      1. Be specific.
  1. Did you see other traders making money in 2020?
    1. How did that make you feel?
    2. What type of emotions or self-talk did that bring up?
      1. Be specific.
  1. Did you think the pandemic was going to end in 2020?
    1. If so, did you change your trading strategy to accommodate that belief?
      1. If not, why not?
    2. If you believed the pandemic was real and growing, did you change your trading strategy to accommodate that belief?
      1. If not, why not?
        1. Be specific in these answers.
  1. Whatever you believed about the pandemic doesn’t matter in terms of this survey. What does matter is that you created a certain belief about a world event – no matter how or why you created that belief, and once that new belief was added to your trading strategy, you did nothing to tweak your edge, or change your perspective toward your trading.
  1. Since you created a new belief about a world event affecting all traders, including yourself, why wouldn’t you think you needed a newer thinking methodology?
  2. Considering no trader on the planet has been through this type of pandemic before, and the markets haven’t either – it would make sense that all that you currently know about trading…has changed.
    1. And your equity reflects this.
  1. What do you think you need to change about your approach to your trading now that we are in a new year?
    1. Considering the pandemic is more than likely here to stay indefinitely?
      1. Be specific.

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