Trading In The Moment 30-Day Unlimited Package




Unlimited “ITNM” Monthly Access facilitated via telephone, SKYPE, Zoom, with no prior appointment necessary – meaning you have access to Paula’s coaching “in the now moment.” This is for those traders who may be experiencing a high-level of difficulty or stress and need to reach out for mentoring immediately. The program is a flat-rate monthly retainer good for 30 days with no limit on the number of telephone calls. Rate: $2,995.00

Requirement: When you choose the Premium Package, it must be used within the 30-day period maximum.

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4 reviews for Trading In The Moment 30-Day Unlimited Package

  1. Michael D. – Forex/Stock Trader (Australia)

    The consulting time we have spent together over these past months has been immeasurable. Making the transition into trading full-time has been my dream for a number of years now, and thanks to your coaching, I know I will accomplish this.

  2. Terry McBride – Motivational Speaker & Author of “The Hell I Can’t”

    I had a wonderful time with your book. I love the way you weave your teachings within stories. Even for an old pro like me who has read, studied, and therapied my way through some magnificent relationships – there were insights, learnings and realizations. Thank you for taking the time and making the effort to be what you teach. And thank you for writing some of your wisdom in this book.

  3. Dr. Blaine D. Mays – CEO of International New Thought Alliance

    We appreciate that you are always available at any given moment to help any one of our members with challenges they may be having, whether with their financial outlook or their idea of faith. We know both are related, and your approach has helped those seeking to balance the two. See you at the next congress!

  4. Ron – Full-time Trader (UK)

    I received the CDs today and have really enjoyed the Meditation CD after listening to it several times already. Thanks for your help every time I call; I appreciate you being available!

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