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So, you’d like to Trade Together? That’s great! Paula T loves to trade with other traders to assist them in staying focused and confident so they can achieve their trading goals. Setting this up is easy. After scheduling, you and Paula T will spend at least one day together (whether live or through computer sharing) for Paula T to watch you trade and listen as you explain your methodology. When she is satisfied that she understands your trading methods, then you will trade together for at least one day or more. The length of time spent trading together is up to you to decide. If you would like a personal one-on-one trading experience, Paula T is available to trade with you for one day or more however long you may desire. Rate: Begins at $1,000.00

Requirement: Novice and experienced traders alike.

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Spend one full day with Paula discussing your methodology, Spend one full day with Paula discussing your methodology, plus one full day trading for a total of two (2) days

3 reviews for Trade Together With Paula T

  1. New Age of Trading Psychology

    I worked with Paula through coaching sessions for about a year to get my trading on track. I am a very good analyst – even according to Paula (!), but couldn’t pull the trigger. After months of coaching, I decided I needed her to sit with me while I traded to see what I was missing or doing wrong. We spent two days together, with Paula asking me about my trading methodology. On the third day together, once she felt she knew enough about my approach, I began trading. Still unable to put on a trade, in those trading moments Paula asked me why I didn’t put on a trade. When I began explaining, she busted through the closed loop of ‘perfect trades’ that I had mentally created. Do yourself a favor if you’re paralyzed to any extent and have her come trade with you. It saved my account, and it definitely saved my marriage.
    Kevin – Brentwood CA

  2. New Age of Trading Psychology

    The overall performance of our brokers had declined a bit during and after 2021, so we called Paula to sit in on our trading sessions. She quickly identified the fears our brokers were exhibiting, and put us on a course of renewed profit through her power thinking methodology. Thank you.
    Chris C. – Sr. Management, Wall Street

  3. New Age of Trading Psychology

    It was a pleasure to have you sit with me (via computer) and get me out of my slump. Worth every penny! Muchas gracious.
    Renaldo – Chicago IL

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