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This is your introduction to getting your trading on track after the FREE 15-Minute Call. The Primary Session is a 1-Hour Coaching Session where you bring your trading questions to the table to discuss at length. At the end of the session, within 24 hours afterward – based on what you have honestly shared in the session, you will be given personalized exercises via e-mail in the form of essay questions to work on regarding your trading approach. All sessions can be facilitated via telephone, SKYPE, or Zoom. Rate: $750.00 (unless you are a returning client)

Requirement: A true desire to improve your trading skills and an ability to be honest within the context of the session. If you choose to purchase a package of multiple sessions after the Primary Session, the rate will be prorated. With regard to exercises given to you after any session – they must be completed before scheduling any subsequent session.

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6 reviews for Premium Packages

  1. “Robert” – Wall Street NY

    It is difficult to admit defeat when you have had long periods of time where you have been profitable. During the pandemic, I found I couldn’t put on a winning trade if my life depended upon it. Working at one of the top 3 investment firms on Wall Street, discretion is critical due to the pressure to increase the firm’s revenues. In a panic late one night, I called and spoke with Paula who immediately calmed me down and assured me of her discretion. I am writing this because of her professionalism, her expertise to get me back on track, as well as her absolute discretion. If you are stuck, if you are in a high-profile position, work with her because she walks the talk. I didn’t lose my position with my firm because I turned my trading around, and that is 100% because of her.

  2. Victor – Futures Trader (Chicago, IL)

    You were right on target when you said I was allowing multi-tasking to steer me away from my focus…

  3. Jose – Brooklyn NY

    I didn’t know my past financial losses were affecting my current market perspective. That has changed with your coaching and exercises. Many thanks!

  4. Alex – Day Trader (Russia)

    Your voice over the telephone during our coaching session really “clicked” with me during and after the lockdowns. Thank you, Paula T.

  5. T.G. – Day Trader (Denver CO)

    Paula thank you so much for the “Meditation for Traders” CD – I have been listening to it after our coaching sessions, and it has been very beneficial. Your guidance in our sessions along with the meditation techniques are clear and effective.

  6. Debbie – Banking Consultant (Phoenix AZ)

    I was finding my ability to trade effectively at my home office slipping and contacted Paula, although I wasn’t sure what she could do. She came to my home, assessed the strengths and weaknesses of my work space, then rearranged the furniture in a way that allowed more flow and light into the room. She suggested I repaint the wall behind my computer and monitors – I didn’t know the dark color was actually draining my energy! With a lighter wall color and the new arrangement of my furniture, I find myself comfortable at my desk and am now more productive for my brokerage clients. Thanks for the continuing support through your coaching package Paula. It is well worth any price.

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