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Trading psychology is the specialized field of mental thought processes put into practice for and by any trader whether novice or experienced, who wants to create and sustain a rising equity curve.  If you have questions about what trading psychology is about and how it will absolutely improve your trading results, then you have come to the “source” and the right place! 

The Winning Mindset for Super Traders

First Lady Paula T is the first person to effectively discuss trading psychology during market hours with her “Elite Traders” chat room for over five years.  In this capacity, she assisted traders in live market conditions address their fears, errors, and triumphs.  She is currently on Twitter and other social media through podcasts, offering daily insights for all traders about how to find, and stay, in their trading zone.


About Paula T

Known worldwide as “The First Lady of Trading Psychology”, alongside the ‘father’ of Trading Psychology, Mark Douglas - Paula T. Webb (Paula T) is co-founder of the field of Trading Psychology and a Wall Street Icon.   Paula T is a former floor trader (T-Bonds); today as an investment trader she coaches all levels of traders, and is co-author of 15 books including the award-winning book “The Disciplined Trader™” the first book written on the subject of trading psychology.  Paula T has traveled across the globe with Mark Douglas teaching countless traders how to think and act like winners.  She concentrates her expertise in trading psychology by helping traders understand the need for self-reflection and right action to improve their bottom line.  She currently trades for herself, coaches traders, hosts live workshops, and continues to publish new materials co-written with Mark Douglas.


About Mark Douglas: Trading in the Zone

Mark Douglas and Paula T’s first book “The Disciplined Trader™” was the first book to bring to light the critical components missing from most traders’ mental approach to creating and sustaining a rising equity curve.  Following the worldwide success of that book, they continued that unique journey with the breakaway “Trading in the Zone™” also a best-seller worldwide, “The Complete Trader” and more.  Considered geniuses in the field that he and Paula T co-founded, their work moves forward with new products and workshops.

In other words, Paula T continues to provide you with strategies that work.  How?  By teaching you that the dynamics of goal achievement and success are within your reach, through their original, practical applications and programs, you will learn what "needs to be done" and learn how easy it can be to achieve your goals.  Paula T and Mark are the authors of the first and classic best-selling books on this field they created, several of which are translated into nine languages to better assist traders on understanding and instilling the unique mindset needed to create consistent trading.