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Fraudsters and Charlatans in our Industry

As many of you already know, this industry that we love is wrought with wannabees, chat room advisors that don't trade, countless traders that hang out their shingle claiming they have the "Holy Grail" for trading, and so much more erroneous posting that can be extremely detrimental to your psyche, and financially damaging to your trading and account balance.

As such, we have decided to post these websites and/or individuals who have posted false, misleading, incorrect information about our materials, as well as claiming any type of fake endorsement by us. We have thought long and hard about this and have chosen to post those people/websites/organizations that make false, illegal claims about any relationship with us, as well as false and/or misleading quotes about us. This is for your benefit because we care about you becoming the best trader you desire to be.

Please contact our office for any questions and clarity before believing anyone else on the Internet. The information listed below is for informational purposes. These people and organizations have admitted posting erroneous, false, misleading information about our materials, Mark Douglas and myself, and they have no association with us, nor have we endorsed any of them or their products.