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Currently we offer our workshops as a personal, one-on-one experience. Meaning, our workshops currently being scheduled are limited to either a one-on-one experience, or a group experience with only 10 traders in attendance at a time, to ensure that each trader gets the most intensive and personal experience they are looking for. Our workshops are only presented live in person, because this is the most optimum way to present our materials to ensure that each trader in attendance understands the materials. Paula T is available to present her workshops at your office location or your personal workspace, as well as in the Palm Springs area where her headquarters is currently located. Rate: $3,500.00

The “Super Trader” workshop includes:

  • Understand how you need to think like a trader before you can think like a winning trader
  • Why trading is challenging, especially during current local, and unique world events
  • Comprehension of the definition of a Promise and how that is limiting your trading success
  • How our wealth beliefs are created and sustained by the energy we give them
  • What is truth versus negative energy, outdated programming, identifying conflicting beliefs
  • Learn how to identify the difference to see and act accordingly with true market opportunity
  • De-energizing limiting beliefs you don’t know you have, to create more productive beliefs
  • Learning to trade like an Elite or Super Trader means you have to instill “The Super Success Mindset”
  • Creating your mental, spiritual, and physical atmosphere of success
  • Creating trading affirmations that work for you
  • Defining your career as a trader – what that means to you
  • And more!

If you are interested in having an intensive workshop experience and getting the edge over other traders, please contact Paula T for more information!

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8 reviews for Power Trading Workshops

  1. New Age of Trading Psychology

    Thank you Paula for the workshop this past weekend! It was just as dynamic as you promised, and I learned so much. Great working with you.

    Jill B. – Buffalo, NY

  2. New Age of Trading Psychology

    What a reckoning. I am so impressed at the time you took with all of us at the workshop, very rare these days. All of my questions you answered thoughtfully and completely and I appreciate that. I know my trading will only improve from taking the workshop. Thanks again.

    Lawrence G. – Mesa, AZ

  3. New Age of Trading Psychology

    This workshop is probably one of the best I have ever attended. Not only did we have a lot of fun – thank you for putting me at ease – but you truly made us work on our thought processes to learn how to think like winners. Can’t say enough about the weekend we spent together. To other traders struggling, take this course!

    Dave – New Orleans, LA

  4. New Age of Trading Psychology

    Didn’t know I was in information overload until you pointed that out during your workshop. I have since stopped watching the news-feeds during trading hours.

    M. Cohen – Las Vegas NV

  5. New Age of Trading Psychology

    For those of you who enjoy meditation, using visualizations, this meditation is superb – the content and soothing sounds will be a positive influence for not only traders but for anyone. I find it particularly beneficial after a stressful day of trading, and you will too after taking her workshop.

    Larry Pesavento – Trader & Author of “Trade What You See

  6. New Age of Trading Psychology

    Thank you for being blunt during the in-person workshop. I had convinced myself I knew everything already based on my previous business success. I was wrong – I didn’t know it all. I am now on a much clearer path to achieving my goals.

    David F. – Part-time day-trader (Hong Kong)

  7. New Age of Trading Psychology

    Dear Paula in short I adore your work! To whomever wants to hear it (or not ;-)…), I declare your books “The Disciplined Trader” and “The Complete Trader” to be the first Must-Read-Literature BEFORE starting with the trading business. I am very much improved since taking your One-on-One Workshop. It was great to have you all to myself and I recommend that option to other traders.

    Claudia – Day Trader (Switzerland)

  8. New Age of Trading Psychology

    You and Mark reached out to me when I first moved to Phoenix by your friend Rick Prigmore. You have the gift of gathering people with great ease, giving the exact coaching they need in the moment, and making everyone at your workshops comfortable and happy. Over the years I have also been invited to gatherings at your home – with Mark, the master grill-man and coffee perfectionist, and you Paula the awesome chef, together making many beautiful memories. Both you and Mark made my life so much better by being there for me…always my heart mates!

    Deanna – Realtor/Investor

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