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“One thing I cannot stress enough is that trading is a unique and individual life path. I call it a life path because once you step into the game of trading – and I say “you” because you are now included in this life path simply by the mere fact that you are in a relationship with a trader – everything else may seem to pale in comparison. Further, the trading can and more than likely will take over every waking moment of your trader’s life at least initially, and ultimately yours as well. Things such as family, vacations, entertainment…and other goals set before getting into trading, all of that may take a back seat in the trader’s mental environment while they learn the intricacies of trading, and just as important, as they learn how to balance this new work environment with the rest of their everyday life, and that is where you come in.

As the partner, spouse, S.O., or companion to a trader, this is something that you need to be aware of. Trading is one of the most, if not the most consuming career, and it takes a strong individual as well as their partner, such as yourself, to understand that there should be some grounding, some balance between the trading hours of the day, and the “rest” of life. As partner to your trader, it may be up to you to gently lead your partner or keep the focus, in your life together and maintain a level head when your trader may not be able to do so himself.”

In terms of relationship management, the stakes are higher and more emotional, unlike any other career in the trading environment, the loss of equity can be quite high, and happen quite quickly. So, keep in mind you may have to be the one who is calm, cool, and collected for a lengthy period of time, for your trader. This course is designed to assist you in understanding market terminology, the mindset and trading space that your trader needs to have and maintain, and also help you to de-energize any fears you may have this new business venture.  Rate: $695.00

Requirement: This package includes a set of 2 (two) 1-hour coaching sessions with accompanying exercises sent by e-mail within 24 hours after each session. This program is to be completed within 1 (one) month maximum.

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  1. New Age of Trading Psychology

    My husband decided to become a day trader in 2018, and we fixed up one of the spare bedrooms for him to use as his office. I am a stay-at-home mother with our three children under the age of 12, so I am busy taking care of them and the house. I thought I was helping my husband by asking him several times a day how things were going, and asking him if he wanted something to drink or eat, etc. When the children came home from school, they would run into to see him too. I didn’t know all the “interruptions” (my husband’s words) were actually part of the reason he was failing at trading. I didn’t know that he needed alone time to concentrate of his work. I felt really bad about that, and when I heard about Paula’s coaching for spouses I gave her a call. I’m glad I did. I had no idea what traders need or don’t need during trading, so I am thankful I found out what to do with Paula. Two thumbs up.
    Amelia Turner – Charlotte NC

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