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As Mark Douglas said:

“When trading together, Paula has the ability to interpret what traders are actually thinking, versus what they say they are thinking, while trading. This allows her to instruct the trader to get out of their own thought processes in more productive ways to facilitate reaching their profit targets. All of this is done in the “now moment” – meaning while the trader is putting on or taking off their trades, during current market conditions whether Paula and the trader are in the same room trading together or remotely trading through screen-sharing.”


In 2003 Paula was the first trading coach invited by Chicago-based brokerage firm PFGBest to coach traders during market hours – which no other coaches were doing at the time. This real-time coaching continued until 2007, via their interactive webinar platform. Due to the success of that platform, Paula went on to host similar chat room venues hosted by other brokerage firms in the U.S. Paula became known as being at the forefront of trading together with subscribing members during market hours. The primary goal by these firms was to assist traders in understanding what they “say” is not what they “think” in real-time trading with regard to their trading perspective. This led to additional years hosting her ”Elite Traders Forum” with private investment firms across the U.S. from 2007 through 2019.

What does trading together entail?

Paula will spend a minimum of one (1) day together [up to five (5) days maximum] with traders to allow them to explain their trading strategy, system, setups, criteria, risk/profit ratios, as well as their Business Plan for trading. She may ask to go over their Trading Journal to see how well they may be utilizing the data/mental structure they keep track of, as well as go over any other outside factors that may be limiting them from perceiving true market data. She does this so she can understand their trading and mental methodology prior to trading trade live together.

Once both the trader and Paula feel there is comprehension of skills, live trading together begins with one (1) day of trading, but additional days can be included, which is always at the discretion of each trader. Although live trading is not a requirement for this program; traders can get an objective perspective on their approach to trading without trading together.

This is a personal, one-on-one experience unique to you, your trading goals, and your mindset; nothing “cookie-cutter” here. Rate: Begins at $1,500.00 and up

Requirement: None. Novice and experienced traders alike.

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