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We know there are countless trading websites out there claiming they give "free" advice, services, or products, and yet, your e-mail box then gets inundated with "offers" from them until you eventually just block them. This is not how we operate!

When we offer the FREE 15-Minute Call – we really mean it's FREE.

For those of you who know us, this is true. For those of you new to our materials, you will find that this is true! This is not a sales pitch to try to upsell you on any of our products or services. We have taken great pride in providing the highest level of materials to the trading community…since the late 1980s. We created this field of Trading Psychology through our own personal hard work and self-reflection, and we know what it takes to think and perform like a consistent winner.

We walk the talk, unlike no other providers today.

What the FREE 15-Minute Call provides you with is a foundation to determine what you truly want to achieve with your trading and if working together with us will be the right "fit" for you.

Meaning if all you have is a vague notion of what you want to achieve with your trading, such as making a "boatload of money," then we suggest you stop trading until you have defined what it is you want to accomplish with your trading profits.

Listed below are a few questions for you to answer before scheduling the FREE 15-Minute Call. If you cannot answer these questions, then our methodology is not for you - at least not until you can answer the questions and answer them truthfully. All the "best of the best" traders know what they think and why they act.

Take a few moments and answer the questions below.

Keep in mind, when you don't know what you think or why you act in ways that lower your equity – you are not focused and, therefore, will be unable to think, much less perform, like a consistently winning trader!

We look forward to hearing from you!

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