Power Trading Psychology

Trading Psychology…is a state of mind.

A "care-free" state of mind that allows you to create the life you dream of whether financial independence through trading the markets, or a mindset of growth to achieve other goals you may choose to adopt. It is a thought process of no longer subscribing to common trading myths...and no longer being a "fake trader."

It is an understanding that the dynamics of goal achievement are within your reach if you "choose" to believe in, and instill, the unique thought processes you need to acquire to fulfill your financial and personal dreams.

What does that entail?

Mark and Paula T initially brought their unique psychological approach to the trading community in the 1980s when no one had heard of, much less knew about the concept of trading from a winning mindset.  Their ground-breaking materials have opened the minds of traders across the world to understand that analysis is not everything needed to create and sustain prosperity, and the right mindset is also necessary to sustain profits.  Paula T expanded their original psychology to include a mental prosperity discipline beginning in 1999, which expanded the foundation for their collaborations forward.  This approach is what Mark and Paula T began teaching jointly in the 1990s to individual traders, trading firms, private investment groups, and institutional traders at banks here and abroad, materials that are available to the general trading public.

So you have to ask yourself -

"What is it about my thinking methodology, my personal mindset that is limiting my success and keeping me from my wealth?"  Call our office if you cannot answer this question.  And STOP trading until you know the answer!

Are You a Fake Trader?

Every one of us has the innate ability to achieve our highest financial goals!  But if you do not believe that you can achieve your trading goals, then you won't.  It is as simple as that.  You may believe in yourself 95%, but the remaining 5% of doubt will stop you, will make you hesitate, and keep you from achieving what you may think you deserve and what you believe you can accomplish.

So, if you don't know the answer to the above question, give our office a call for your free 30-minute chat and see if you fall into the category of a "fake trader." In this free offer, you will understand that you need to:

  • determine what your goals are
  • develop the unique mindset and skills needed to become the success you dream of, and
  • maintain that focus to sustain your success forward!

Trading in the Zone

In order to understand what it means to be in your trading “zone” here are some of the most common trading myths. When you understand what you might have heard or read, or watched on social media is not true, then you can begin to update your thinking methodology to that of a winning trader.

Common Trading Myths

  • I need to be in multiple markets to have a feel for market action.
    • Wrong.  Many traders only trade in one or two markets, and they have pulled millions out of the market over the years
  • I have to trade big to win big.
    • Wrong.  You can have a steady approach to your trading without putting yourself at high risk for a huge hit, and pull out whatever you desire from the markets
    • You can always increase your size after you have achieved the appropriate thought processes of self-trust and confidence
      • but you cannot increase your size if you blow up your account
  • Trading psychology is not necessary, only analysis is.
    • If you believe that, you will spend 99% of your time researching and doing analysis for the rest of your trading years,  without ever having succeeded at reaching your trading goals
      • having the proper mindset is 95% of what it takes to sustain a rising equity curve
  • RSI is better than Candlesticks; Candlesticks is better than P&L; P&L is better than Support & Resistance; and so forth.
    • Wrong.  Whatever methodology you choose to use, will be right for you.  All methodologies have good points
      • so pick one, and learn it well
  • I need at least three or four monitors to be able to watch market action.
    • Wrong.  If you "have" to have a certain number of monitors (at least initially) to view the markets, you are in information overload
      • you do not need more than two monitors to trade with initially
  • I need to risk more than 10% on each and every trade to make the trade worthwhile.
    • Wrong.  Your risk ratio should be between 3-5%
  • What I was taught about money and success has no bearing on how I approach my trading.
    • Wrong.  Everything you were taught about money and success by others has an effect on your trading
      • this is normal; everything you were taught about money and success got you to where you are today... but if you want more money and more success, then you will need to instill the appropriate mental skills and expand your mindset to achieve those goals
  • I am a success right now as a doctor, engineer, lawyer, manager, etc., and that success will automatically transfer over into my new career as a trader.
    • This couldn't be further from the truth. Your success in any other career does not guarantee you success in the markets
      • you need specific skills and a unique mindset to navigate the markets and create sustainable profits